The Arab Academy in Denmark

The President of the Academy

Prof. Walid Al-Hayali

The Arab Academy in Denmark was founded in 2005, and it is a scientific institution specialized in everything related to open higher education and the graduation of specialized scientific competencies, and prepare them to contribute to the advancement of human civilization in general and Arabic in particular , and that is through paying attention to the higher cultural values, and affirming the philosophy of the enlightening intellectual openness, and the uplifting of literature, and the development of sciences and arts,and conducting theoretical and applied scientific researches and carrying out early scientific tests and experiments that contribute to the advancement of the humanity, and provide scientific consultations for bodies, institutions and companies and strengthening cultural and scientific ties with all scientific bodies and institutions.

Open Education seeks to scale up educational opportunities by taking advantage of the power of the internet, allowing rapid and essentially free dissemination, and enabling people around the world to access knowledge, connect and collaborate. Open is key; open allows not just access, but the freedom to modify and use materials, information and networks so education can be personalized to individual users or woven together in new ways for diverse audiences, large and small.

But why is Open Education important? People want to learn. By providing free and open access to education and knowledge, open education helps create a world to support learning. Students can get additional information, viewpoints and materials to help them succeed. Workers can learn things that will help them on the job. Faculty can draw on resources from all around the world. Researchers can share data and develop new networks. Teachers can find new ways to help students learn.

Open education means studying by combining on line study with some of the elements of traditional study through providing a university book for the students, so that the content is smooth with the depth of the idea .Thus the book becomes the library and the teacher at the same time. Attached with the book a CD of lectures done by professors, which explain the contents of the university textbook, especially the subjects that need explanation by teachers like mathematics, statistics, accounting and financial analysis. At the end of each year, the student submits the final written and oral exam. To a full degree or a part of it, according to the subject and the accompanying research work to complete the final degree. The Arab Academy in Denmark does not need buildings like those in traditional universities, but rather a site that has a limited number of rooms, some of which are devoted to academic staff and others to administrative staff and job requirements.

Note that the lectures are given by a selection of professors with Ph.D. graduates from Arab universities and European universities, including Denmark. The Scientific board is made up of five academics with a Ph.D. who have high scientific titles and long experience, and all reside in Denmark.

The Arab Academy in Denmark provides the following departments:

Business Administration
Banking and Financial Administration
Political Science

Media and press
Theatre and Drama Studies

Arabic Language and Literature
English Language and Literature


The Arab Academy in Denmark provides Bachelor, Master and PhDs programs and the study starts at the fall and winter semester of each year.

The Arab Academy in Denmark has several scientific agreements with Arab and European universities, including ; University of Cyprus ,The University of Pitesti , Varna Free University, Al-Madinah International University , Future University, University of Tunisia, Al-Qadi Ayyad University, Moroccan, Kasdi Merbah Ouargla University andOpen University in Libya. Moreover, the Arab Academy in Denmark obtained membership of the Federation of Arab Universities, membership of the Federation of International Universities, and membership of the Quality Association for Higher Education in the United States of America.

The Scientific Journal for the Arab Academy in Denmark

The Academy´s scientific journal was first published in 2006 and it is a bi-annual journal, edited by a selected group of expatriate professors and associate professors, and is headed by a faculty member from the Academy with the title of Professor. It is a comprehensive scientific journal, concerned with publishing original researches that has not previously been published in any other journal or magazine, whether in Arabic or English, in the fields of administration and economics, education and psychology, sociology, journalism and media, law and other branches. It´s deposit number in the Danish Royal Library and the University of Copenhagen Library is ISSN Danmark ISSN-1902-8458-ISSN-1902.