The Academy Requirements

Students wishing to enrol in the undergraduate program of study must have successfully completed their high school studies that usually culminate in a state-sponsored secondary school certificate. Furthermore, the AOA considers for admission Community College Graduates with the privilege of earning some credits for the successful completion of certain appropriate courses. It also considers students who have successfully completed “relevant” courses at a recognized institution of Higher Learning. Unlike the traditional academies, the AOA does not require buildings, but rather a limited number of rooms specialized for the academic faculty and other administrative staff. The lectures are accompanied by audio and videotapes, CD-ROMs and internet-based support. The “Learning Packages” that the students receive upon enrolment contain printed material, audio visual aids (video tapes, audio cassettes) and compact discs (CD-ROM). The printed material comprises a comprehensive content of readings and a schedule of term assignments that are programmed over the entire term in order to gauge and monitor the students` progress in the course: the assignments ought to be completed and delivered to the tutor in accordance with the time scheduled. Each course culminates in a final exam of substantial weight. This exam would be administered in certain centres at the same time. It will be allocated around 50% of the total grade for the course, with the remaining 50% assigned to the term work: term papers, projects and periodic tests including quizzes. The learning package is in essence a mixture of independent study and scheduled tutor-assisted sessions envisaged to comprise the generic format of the learning platform. Tutorials are a major component of the learning platform since they provide direct support for the self-learning methodology and establish communication ties between students and their teachers/tutors as well as among the students themselves. They are held regularly and according to pre-announced timetables. The courses are weighted in credit hours.
To award a Bachelor’s degree, the AOA requires the successful completion of at least 127 semester credit hours specified according to each study program. These include 31 credit hours comprising the following academy required courses which seek to develop the learner’s language communication skills and their ability to use the computer and the internet, in addition to widening their scope of the independent study skills-including note-taking, time management and building self-confidence toward the environment of independent study:

A- Lecture and Examination Halls
The Academy has its headquarter in Roskilde, the old Capital on Copenhagen. It has rented a floor that has three halls from Roskilde Municipality. It is considering the possibility of expanding its current office and opening a new one in Copenhagen where the majority of the Arab community live and work.
B- Tuition
The Academy is currently undertaking a careful assessment of fees and related study expenses such as the cost of course packages in order to agree on reasonable figures which would allow the largest possible number of learners to join the Academy. The tuition at the present time is as follows:

1- For the B.A and B.Sc. Programs
The average fee for each semester is 750 US dollar for five courses including the fees for the “learning package” which costs approximately 250 US dollar. The student bears the expenses of the post if s/he would like her/his parcel to be posted. The whole B. A. or B.Sc. program costs 6000 US dollar including the fees for the Learning Packages which amounts to 2000 US dollar.

2- For the M. A. and M. Sc. Programs
The tuition for the M. A. and M. Sc. Programs is 3600 US dollar including the fees for the “learning Package” and the supervision for the first year. The student bears the expenses of the learning package postage.
Note: the tuition is subject for continuous revision.

C- Registration Instructions
Students who would like to register at the Academy should:
1- Print out the Registration Form from the Academy homepage,
2- Fill out the Form with the required information,
3- Attach to the Form the required documents and certificates together with:
– Four new photos,
– The receipt of the tuition transferred via the bank; the bank account will be announced
4- Send the Form together with the above-stated documents to the Academy which
will check the documents and assign the student a number. The number will be
sent to the student within three days.
The student will then register for five courses s/he selects from the list of courses announced for that semester. He may be allowed to register for a minimum of three courses if he has valid reasons. He sends the registration receipt to the Academy together with his assigned Registration Number. He may hand in the receipt and the required documents at the Academy Head Office in Roskilde. He informs the Academy about the method through which he would like to receive his “Learning Package”: either in person or via the post. The “Learning Package” is already paid for but the postage should be born by the student.

The Academy Departments:
The following departments have already opened their doors:

Business Administration,
Banking and Financial Administration
Political Science
Mass media,
Theatre and Drama Studies
The Arabic Language and Literature
The English Language and Literature

Registration has already started for the fall semester, 2005. Instruction will begin on 1/7/2005. In addition, the Academy opened registration for two intensive courses in the English language at the Intermediate and Upper intermediate levels. For more information, one may visit the homepage which is still under construction. One may also contact the President of the Academy: Dr.Walid Al-Hayali email: or Director General of the Academy Academic Affairs..