Instructions to study a Master degree at the Arab Academy in Denmark

To obtain a master degree, four semesters must be studied divided into two years, knowing that you can combine semesters so that you merge two semesters into one semester on the condition that the combined semester fees are paid, thus shortening the period to one year.

Study conditions:

  • Fill out the application for applying to study master degree on the Academy website (or in the link below)
  • A copy of the bachelor degree certificate the applicant already has
  • A copy of the passport (the page that contains personal information)
  • Personal photo.

The copy of the certificate, the copy of the passport and a personal photo shall be sent to the following email:

After registration (filling out the enrollment application), the application submitted with the required documents is checked by the Scientific Council, after which the initial acceptance is sent by the Registrar General to the student. After sending the initial admission, and in order for the student to actually join the Arab Academy, one must pay the registration fee and the first semester fee (details and information of payment are written in the initial admission document that is sent later after submitting the application by the applicant or student). After paying the fees, the final acceptance will be sent and a university number is given to the student, and at this stage the student will be become one of the Arab Academy students.

Tuition fees: Cost of one semester is 1350 USD

4 * 1350 = 5,400 dollars.

In addition to that, there is registration fee $ 250, which is paid once upon joining the Academy, thesis discussion 750 USD, and $ 350 fees for certifying certificates, to be paid upon graduation

The first semester of each year begins on September 1 and ends on January 31 The second semester of each year begins on February 1 and ends on June 30.

The study is remotely

Study language is Arabic Books are sent for each semester in PDF format via e-mail after enrollment in the Arab Academy, and no additional fees are charged for that.

Link to the Academy: Application Form for master Studies

Note: No fees are required when filling out the enrollment application, and registration fees are paid when you decide to actually join the Academy and after sending the initial admission to you by the General Registrar of the Arab Academy in Denmark.

Best wishes